I work my 9-5,Better cut my CHECK!!

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In the last three decades or so, Men and women’s’ gender roles have shifted so quickly that both men and women are still trying to adjust to the new rules and the different dynamic that these rules bring about day to day lives. The question is, are men comfortable with women as breadwinners in the family now more than ever? or is it harder for them to accept now more than ever?

Women have come far and are able to accomplish almost everything that man can do but yet the sectors that are important i.e. politics and leadership positions among other thing are primarily male dominated.  It is as if no matter what women do they will never match up or be dominant because it is not ideal. In fact many fear a female dominated society. Men are reluctant to relinquish control to women out of the fear of de- masculinization.

Going far back into the history of gender roles, we have been taught that men are supposed to be the bread winners, the protectors and the providers. Women were primarily taught to be the care takers and care givers and their primary responsibilities revolved around maintaining the home and taking care of the children while their husbands worked to provide for the family.

Before women were able to work, women worked but they did not get compensated fairly so they couldn’t be bread winners Even if they wanted to. When the labor laws were passed and women were able to make a decent wage, some became heads of their own single family household and/or headed up their own families with husbands who had been laid off due to recessions and things of that nature. Since then, women and men have had to question their gender roles out of necessity and the challenges that come with it. According to the western world a woman as the breadwinner is a rather awkward phenomenon for both the man and the woman to adjust to.

What do you think?


                                    BY Queen Khashaah”The Infamous BABY MAMA AND

                                    BY Queen KhashaahImage



The baby mama syndrome was engineered by the government

If you don’t know this is nothing but a form of misgovernment

To destroy all unity by destroying the model family

By encouraging women to promote and live promiscuously

This is promoted in fashion, and modeled by people with influence

And women became influenced to accept that we are dispensable

That led to a disgusting acceptance of infidelity in family

To accept that we were made to give birth and we have no values or ambitions

To men thinking that they can move from place to place

Fathering children being the head of different families

What has the world come to, what is the definition of family?

I’m not saying that what I’m saying applies to you

I’m just sharing my experience that has nothing to do with you

Cuz I probably haven’t and never will meet you

I’m just speaking on how the baby mama limits me

To this day I refuse to give him a real chance, @ the baby daddy

Relationships with such a man are always temporary

Yes I agree that every one of us make mistakes

And if there were no solutions like triage and prevention

Then you better believe I would be a baby mama too

You made the choice to lie down with a dog

That dirt dog only came for some raw dogg

In his mind anything that comes out of it is your mistake

They blame the baby mama because it’s her belly that gets big

The will deny laying with you that’s what dogs do

Dogs are evil enough to bully you into an abortion

This small victory in your mind leads to a suffering all your life

They blame the baby mama cuz it’s her belly that gets big

And then you decided to give birth to nobody’s_ somebody

And then once you need them for child support

Then and only then do they become somebody

Cuz only money makes somebody out of a nobody

Women have so much power; if we lead the men will follow

They need us more than we will ever need them, yet we succumb

As if most of us are under a spell and don’t know any better but not I

And I am certain that I am not alone, please come out of the wood work?

When I finally have a daughter I don’t want her to accept

Some of the things baba mama’s accept as acceptable

I refuse to let that happen it will be impossible

I guess I’m the type of woman who will not share

And I’m speaking thoroughly from this perspective

But like they always say -you know money changes things

Cuz at the end of the day such a man needs incentive

To keep a woman like she is his only woman- when she’s not!

Money makes making living with that reality possible I guess?

A baby daddy is like a company with stock always sold out at 50 %

That baby mama seems to always control his income and owns that 50 %

And the kids and his immediate family own another 25 %

So you are left with the 25% split between you and his friends

If you looked at every baby daddy out there like that

You would realize that they are really not worth it

And maybe I’m only speaking for myself, call me selfish

I have always been and desire to be nothing but # 1

I want him and I to share first experiences like birth together

And to have the freedom to plan our life without too many variables

I want a partner in crime that is not tied down to an anchor

I can’t describe the guilt of competing for time allocated for his kids

So no matter what you do, it seems like you will always lose

She always wanted to be a baby mama to some baby daddy

Rather than a stunning, educated trophy wife to a great husband

No one cares about love, about family and loyalty anymore

People only care about money and instant gratification

Cuz they are convinced that the world will end tomorrow

And that’s why every decision they make is influenced by YOLO

And they are doing exactly what was expected of them, they follow

I’m not judging anyone just speaking on how it affects me

If you think I’m talking to you must be guilty too

Cuz if this gets you mad you just letting me know it’s true

Some may live under a rock or somewhere out of space

And is not familiar with her, the dreaded baby mama

It is true that some may have been dealt the wrong cards

But some of them asked for it and they are proud of being one

Since when is giving birth a measuring stick for success

She thinks the only way to be loved by a man is is giving birth to his child

She acts like she doesn’t care about coming second and that’s who she is

But in her deranged mind she is first because she got the kid

From time to time she looks at her life realizes that she was dumb

And she realizes that she already sold herself short and it too late

I’m sure she always wonders what her life would be like,

Because truth be told it would have turned out different had

She allowed herself to fully blossom before she budded a baby

If only she had made a different choice but when she gives

One gaze upon her cherubic reflections, it instantly silences these thoughts

Like a silencer silences the loud bang of a gun, it makes it easier to live with I suppose

But after all the unwarranted Jealousy and insecurity induced public physical and verbal fights

And my cars getting keyed, to slander all over someone’s sleazy baby daddy

This is my declaration to the world; I am done with yawl and the above

 Are reasons why, as always thanks for reading what I write and happy fishing!!cuz there’s plenty of fish in the sea!!!

What make something/someone liked or disliked? This is another question that I always ponder on.-Please leave Feedback and thanks for reading.

What make something/someone liked or disliked? This is another question that I always ponder on.-Please leave Feedback and thanks for reading..

Say No To Furr!!! if you wount “kill it” your-self and skin it your-self just dont do it!!!



I love animals. I grew up in Kenya, which is a country on the east coast of Africa. Kenya is a well-known tourist destination boasting the largest number of exotic animals in the whole world. As Human beings we have the responsibility to take care of the earth, the atmosphere and all the less intelligent life forms. More often than not we destroy our environment rather than preserving or improving it. This pertains to the greedy part of the population that wants to exploit nature and its treasures for a measly profit and I don’t think it is right. Animals have feelings; they have needs and wants just like human beings do. They have their own ways of communicating among themselves but there is still a communication barrier between them and us. Sometimes I wonder if animals had a voice we could hear or understand, what would they have to say about how we treat them.

Growing up in Kenya,Norway,Europe ..I was fortunate that My childhood was packed with adventure. There was so much to do so many things to see. At a very young age I made a connection with animals. I admire their strength and beauty. Two of my uncles held positions as Game wardens at two of the largest game reserves in Kenya. A few times a year my uncles would let me and my brother come along with them on their less busy days. They let us get up an close with the animals and after a while we began building some sort of relationship with them.I have played with lions, rode elephants, admired ostriches, rhino’s, Giraffes,zebra’s, Antelopes, cheetahs, I have Co-Habited with hippos and got up and close with crocodiles under the supervision of my uncles. I am not scared of any of these animals. I grew up With them. I connect with in a way that comforts me more than anything else. I Remember my uncle let me pet some lion cubs one day. They were so beautiful and Innocent just like a new born baby. The pride seemed so calm when my uncle was around. It seemed that they had some sort of understanding between him and them that took me by surprise. To me it was magical. The cub had a bright colored iris with a piercing crimson pupil. I remember staring into his eyes and despite the danger involved I was comfortable felt as if we understood each other. I felt connected to him connected to all living things. Whenever I feel weak or beaten down, I draw on these memories for strength.

It breaks my heart to know that there are people out there who want to exploit and hurt these animals. Kenya has always had a problem with poaching. There’s always some greedy person who cannot control their urges. Elephants are the main targets. Despite new policies that make poaching illegal some people still do it. They are killing these ancient intelligent beings for their ivory. They are killing lions and skinning them alive for their furs and for the creation of stuffed trophies and sell them for huge profit for anyone who will buy them and people enable this and buy them!!

What most people don’t understand, our forefathers preserved our environments so that the new generations could experience a part of history. One day all the animals will be extinct or evolve in to different species all together. Evolution has to take its course so we have to do our best to preserve the species of today for future generations. Most of the Wildlife on this plant is endangered. They are endangered because people are desperate for money. For as long as history has value, someone will try to own it and erase it or preserve it  for a price.

For as long as man has existed, Fur and and animal skin has long been used as a source of clothing. It has been at least 6 centuries since modern man has learned how to turn cotton in to fabric or manufacture other material to create clothing. Despite the availability of other clothing options some people still choose to wear fur.Human beings were created to be either carnivorous or herbivorous. This means that human beings can eat either meat or vegetables or a combination of the two. Killing wild animals is by choice not because it is necessary for survival.I agree that there is a natural food chain. There are certain types of animals that we eat that you kill to eat i.e. Beef, chicken, turkey, goat,sheep,pigs,fish among other edible meats. There are meats that we consider edible and then there is wild game that should be preserved.

There are millions of fur farms around the world, which is sad. The animals are hunted aggressively by local poachers. Most of the animals are sold to fur farms and they are skinned alive to make sure that they get the best price for the fur they have to make sure it appears flawless. Some animals are sold in to captivity to become slaves to a circus or for any other sadistic purpose.

I used to admire women in magazines. I especially admired the women who wore luxurious Fox fur and chinchilla coats. I remember wishing one day I would make enough money to afford one for myself one day. This fantasy was extinguished when I found out how the coats were made.One of the most targeted animals in the fur industry is the North American Mink. There are countless minks farms in North America. Minks live longer lives in captivity than in the wild. When they are spotted, they are captured and killed on the spot. The fur is stripped and sold rather quickly because there is such a high demand for their fur. Elephants in Africa are still being hunted aggressively for their ivory and there are Procedures in place to reduce the number of poaching and prosecute all captured poachers to the extent allowed by law.All in all, Destroying beautiful, endangered and exotic animals for their fur or Ivory is savage business. If you wear fur, snake skins or leather skins. You should be able to stand tall and proud and tell the world and tell them that you think it is okay to kill endangered animals so that you can wear their skins on your back and feel luxurious.

We now possess the technology to replicate fur. Why wear real fur and pay an arm and a leg when you can wear faux fur that is significantly cheaper and also gives you a piece of mind if you value your conscience.Nevertheless, this poaching business will only exist if there is a demand for it. Without the demand the supply is no longer needed. Tell you family members, your friends or anyone who wears fur to exchange it for something faux. If you cannot kill it yourself please do not wear it.Real Talk.

What will happen when we no longer need money? Is this possible? When did we start using money and why?


Money is always on my mind like a mental sickness. I was just sitting at work killing down time and I decided to discuss the issue of the Monetary System. So my first question is, when did a human being decide that he wants to trade something with another human being? And why? This question brings me back to the old adage that states “people always want what they don’t have” and this is a proven fact. I know that this is what propagated the first human transaction in history.

It is true that all men are created equal. I just know that the difference between men is in their desire for more, less or nothing at all and the execution of their chosen desire. Economic systems, monetary systems and trade systems were put in place to satisfy the desire of the men who want more and need a way to take more away from others in order to have more, there’s no other way to have more than to find a way to take it from others. For the men who want less or nothing at all, they have to essentially be inclined to giving it up to the man who wants more. The “more” I’m talking about is “Power”. When you give up something; you give up your power no matter how big or small it is. It also satisfies the men who want nothing at all by making it easy for them to stay in their un-ambitious state and give the power to man who wants more and will go for it. This is the difference between chiefs and Indians (not to offend any Native Americans-I’m speaking metaphorically). Clearly it takes a lot be a chief and nothing to be an Indian. Its takes a lot more energy, to take than to give.

If  we have no way to measure or assign value to things, who is to say that one man is rich and that  one man is poor, If there’s no logical way of proving it. This is my understanding of why we need an economic system and why we cannot live without one. Without such an operating system, order will be lost in the world, I’m sure it’s nothing you’ve never heard or thought of. If we didn’t have money or anything to trade-off and had everything we needed, we would still need and want services which we will have to pay for somehow. That in my mind is why we will always need money or something to trade with.

Can you picture a man with a back yard full of raw diamonds? He has never met anyone with a back yard full of diamonds. Even though this is something of great value, he would never know the true value of it until one day, he meets someone who knew its value and thereafter (hopefully not too late after) he would see value in it. When he finally comes to the realization that one man’s trash is another man’s Treasure and what he thought was trash was treasure after all.

There are many people on this earth in possession of some very valuable things and they don’t even know it. This is how ignorant people and third world countries get ripped off for their various resources and valuables, i.e. oil, gold, diamonds, etc. If you don’t know your worth and the value of the things you own and service you can give, you can’t tell anybody what the going rate is and you’ll be forced to take why you can get. What hurts, is you will have no one to blame but yourself. There are also many people on this earth who know the worth of what they have and they inflate the price and take advantage of people who don’t know of its value. So in essence, what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander

There are many different types of trade systems being used in societies all over the world. I will enlighten you with a few, someone, somewhere is using one of these systems:-

  1. Money Paper awarded value based on a country’s economy, it is used represent value to trade for something of supposed equal value; this is not true all of the time, sometimes in this system, price is inflated to balance out economic markets.
  2. Barter trade – Trading of different goods & labor back and forth of supposed equal value.
  3. Favor for a favor system Trade of actions for actions of the same value(I’ll do this for you and you’ll do this for me type of thing)

Let’s examine how we can use the favor for a favor method in a society where everyone has everything (goods) but is devoid of services. The only way to have services when you want them and not pay for them is human enslavement; an animal cannot do for you what a human can.

What happens when one person (Trader A) need services from another person (Trader B) but this person (Trader B) wants no services offered by the first person (Trader A). How will this transaction be performed? I envision that (Trader A) will find another person (Trader C) who undeniably has something of value to (Trader B).( Trader A) will ask (Trader C) for a favor so that he can get the favors that he needed from (Trader B) because according to (Trader A), he has no services worthy to trade with (Trader B). (Trader C) will only assist (Trader A) to get services from (Trader B) only if he sees value in services offered by (Trader A) and if (Trader A) has nothing at all, he would have to wander till he finds someone who finds  his services worthy of a trade. Hopefully (Trader C) has something of value to (Trader B) and this transaction would finally be complete. It’s Crazy right! It would or will be hard to get things done.

A monetary system serves many purposes.It empowers ambition, destruction, enterprise and castes. Without its there’s no reason to compete, there’s no reason to excel I mean, Who likes to work for free all the time even if they love what they are doing??This system also empowers reward systems and it is evil even if it does some good things. All good things have bad aspects and all bad things have good aspects. This system also empowers temptation, and therefore empowers the Devil and his temptations because most people will agree to do some funny ish for a little or a lot of change. Its jus the reality of the world we live in. It is a conundrum there’s no other way to describe this dilemma. One of those things you can live without and can live with at the same time. It’s like saying “I love you so dearly” and “I hate you so much” in the same sentence. Maybe this is not meant to be figured out.

Always and Always, Thanks for reading what I’ve written. Happy Reading


Death, what is death? I know you think about this too from time to time


Can someone please tell me what death is? If death was a person, I would want to kill my own death before it killed me; I know I wouldn’t be the first to try. Is that possible? May-be. Plenty of weird things happen every day. Personally I don’t think that Death is the end of anything, it the beginning of something. I think life is prison and death is freedom, so when someone dies shouldn’t we celebrate like the just got their Bachelor’s degree? Or should we cry because they are gone?

I’ve noticed that people generally just cry when kids are born -subconsciously. This Happens every time. I think if we are born we are born to be tested and punished. What make us deserving of a life span? Or is everyone entitled to life and we get reincarnated, go to the back of the line and wait our turn to be born again? Is it something like winning a green card through the lottery to come to America? I want answers you these questions, I refuse to let death scare me, I just lost my Grandfather 02/14/2013 and it has made me confront death, I’m still grieving but going through this has make me want to investigate death.

I wonder, do we choose out parents before we are born like you’d go shopping for a pair of shoes or order a meal? Are our parent’s souls eternally connected to us in some type of a cosmic tree and we follow one another through lifetime missions? Or are we all a part of the same soul in different bodies and that’s why we are so connected? Do we choose our race, color of skin; talents etc. before we are born like you would load a video game character ready for a game of mortal combat?? Are heaven and hell real destination in other dimensions that we live in or does it exist here on earth? Is anybody else bothered by these questions and want answers??!! Please comment